Case studies and testimonials

“I appreciated the flexibility of the Global Philanthropic consultants and that they were respectful of the different context of working in Netherlands.” Eelco Keij, Director of Fundraising and Development

Read about our fundraising feasibility work with Radboud University in the Netherlands, and how we helped them answer the big questions surrounding the university’s philanthropic potential.

Download Radboud Case Study

“Given our previous experience with working with consultants in this area, it was gratifying to know that there were still good consultants out there.” Christina Collard

Read about how we worked with the St Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences to help them create a practical and actionable plan for a new mid-level donor programme.

Download St Lawrence Case Study

St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, Perth, Western Australia

St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School recently commissioned Global Philanthropic to conduct a positioning study and advise on their case statement for a proposed capital campaign. The client’s proposed capital developments address the learning needs for a future of unprecedented technological change. We are thrilled to support the School with this fundraising effort.

“A successful capital campaign requires many elements to be in place. We recognised it was crucial to assess our readiness for, and determine the scope of, our proposed campaign before proceeding. The positioning study carried out by Global Philanthropic has clearly identified how we can best move forward and engage our school community in realising the school’s vision for its second century. The Global team was always readily available with considered advice and guidance, and were a pleasure to work with.”
Linzey Allinson, Director of Philanthropy, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School


Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC), Melbourne, Victoria

Two critical success factors for effective fundraising are influential fundraising volunteers, and strong and enthusiastic governing bodies. In preparation for their own upcoming campaign, MLC wanted to ensure its Foundation Committee was structured for optimal results. The College commissioned Global Philanthropic to undertake a foundation review, providing advice on different foundation models and functions, and making recommendations for roles and responsibilities, recruitment, and cohesive operations across governing bodies and advancement office staff.

“In support of our governance arrangements, Global Philanthropic was readily able to review our structures and make insightful recommendations for change. The paper was incredibly timely, exceptional in synthesising our position, and has provided much in the way of invigoration of purpose and process.”
Fiona Dickson, Director of Community Engagement, Methodist Ladies’ College, VIC

“Working with Global Philanthropic has changed the way Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation works with our community partners and what we’re ultimately able to deliver to the community. 

Under their strategic counsel, we now operate very differently and more effectively.  We have gone from a two-person shop to a three-person shop.  Our transition into Major Gift fundraising is forecasting a seven figure impact on what we can do for our hospital over the next couple years. Our small shop is very lucky to have caught their eye and are thankful that they saw our potential and was were willing to take us on and lead us down this new road.

The question isn’t “Can we afford to?” The questions is “Can we afford not to?” 

Jess Rheault, Executive Director, Lake of the Woods District Hospital Foundation

“Global Philanthropic is very knowledgeable, professional, punctual and makes learning and inevitably change, fun and exciting and a no-brainer.” Jess Rheault
“Global's Philanthropic Naming Assessment was extremely valuable for us. It was completed with the highest quality, and provided us with a road-map for our donor's generosity.” Jonathan Lyon, President & CEO, Health Sciences Centre Foundation

Birmingham Royal Ballet

“We were looking for a company that could add value to our own fundraising effort. We’d achieved a lot in a very short amount of time, and the challenge for us was how we could achieve another step-change. Having the expert advice and experience of a company like Global has been really important because they’ve helped reassure senior members of the company that the journey that we’re on will lead to a destination that will actually get results.”

Geoff Sweeney, Development Director

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Testimonial from Geoff Sweeney, Development Director

Hadrian’s Wall Trust

“We have found with several of the funders that Global Philanthropic have introduced us to that they also share that ambition to create learning and understanding around our heritage, and they are very interested in our role in terms of conservation and protection of world’s heritage.

“Global Philanthropic have been there holding our hand making sure we do the right things in the right order. So for us to bring in that capacity to help us at a critical moment in our development has been really really important, and it’s given us a great confidence actually to step into the future.”

Linda Tuttiett, Chief Executive

Hadrian’s Wall Trust

Testimonial from Linda Tuttiett, Chief Executive
Image courtesy of Hadrian’s Wall Trust

King’s College London

“I think all institutions should be aware of the different cultural challenges of any new fundraising market that they are interested in exploring. For King’s College London, the advice that we received from Ben Morton Wright at Global Philanthropic has certainly been invaluable. We worked with them for many years and we anticipate doing the same for many years to come. And yes, I would recommend them to other institutions that are keen to move into Asia fundraising.”

Matt Ferguson, Associate Head of Principal Gifts

King’s College London

Testimonial from Matt Ferguson, Associate Head of Principal Gifts
Image courtesy of King’s College London

Humber College

“I really like the international perspective that Global brings to its clients, and I think in the Canadian market that’s fairly unique. We’ve got a really solid report of recommendations that will give us a help to develop an action plan for moving forward. One of the things that I found particularly valuable is that they take a boutique approach to provide service to their clients. I felt that every tool that they provided us or the councils was very tailored and customised to our unique situation.”

Julie Castle, Chief Advancement Officer

Humber College

YMCA of Greater Toronto

“The unique value proposition if you work with Global is the major gift expertise and the best practice. You would swear that they were staff members, just as committed to the achievement of our campaign plan as we were. We’ve had a very positive experience. It was an intense piece of work and utmost professionalism from Guy and all of his team. We really felt that they were 100% if not 110% committed to our project.”

Mridula Joyner, VP, Philanthropy and Corporate Sponsorships

YMCA of Greater Toronto

Murdoch University

“In 2007 we started planning our largest campaign to date to support the establishment of an institute focusing on immunology and infectious diseases … we decided that we need assistance in the planning of such a large campaign. But rather than appointing a consultant to run the campaign we decided to take a different approach. We wanted to work with someone who could help to upscale our team, to prepare as for this and future campaigns. We wanted an organisation that could provide strategic advice and coaching to our team, and one with awareness of national and international funding sources.”

Vicky Dodds, Director of Development

Murdoch University

Testimonial from Vicky Dodds, Director of Development

Calgary Zoo

“I needed to learn, I think the institution needed to learn, we needed to understand where we were and where we needed to be to move this forward. So partnering with Guy was very instrumental.

“Today, months later, we are definitely in a better shape than we were a year ago, because of that report and because also our ability to understand more about what needs to be done to be successful in fundraising.”

Clement Lanthier, President and CEO

Calgary Zoo

Image courtesy of Calgary Zoo

STARS Foundation

Muna Wehbe, Chief Executive for the STARS Foundation gives a talk about what makes her foundation different: through the use of unrestricted funding for local organisations, the STARS Impact Awards, as well as the use of Global Philanthropic’s Advisory.

Also included are talks from Priti Patkar, Hassan Ibrahim, and Garj Banerji.

STARS Foundation

Image courtesy of AfriKids Ghana/STARS Foundation