Webinar on Asian Philanthropy by Ben Morton Wright


Ben Morton Wright founded Global Philanthropic in 2002. He has supervised the establishment of Global Philanthropic operations in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada. As Group CEO, Mr Morton Wright has gained recognition as a leading thinker on Philanthropy and giving a major gift strategist, an expert in structuring international campaigns and higher education fundraising.

Mr Morton Wright also advises a number of private individuals UHNWI around the world to develop meaningful philanthropic giving strategies for some of the world’s leading philanthropists.

Since founding the Group in 2002, Mr Morton Wright has served as senior strategy consultant to several thousand organisations across the world including a number of Cambridge and Oxford University Colleges, the London School of Economics, St Andrews University, Oberlin college ; the United Nations Foundation; and a number of development charities including UNICEF and Action Aid and schools such as St Pauls and the International School of Beijing.

Ben also co-authored ‘Talking Philanthropy. Volume 1’ book which was published in 2017 and developed an international Talking Philanthropy Forum that has become the annual event for philanthropists and professionals in the field across the world. A frequent speaker on the topic, he is regarded as a leading expert on Asian philanthropy.