The Wisdom of more than 30 years’ Fundraising Experience

Interview with FINZ 2014 Conference Headliner

Guy Mallabone, MA, CFRE
President and CEO, and Principal Consultant, of Global Philanthropic Canada

Guy MallaboneGlobal Philanthropic congratulates Guy Mallabone, President and CEO of Global Philanthropic Canada to be the keynote speaker at the FINZ (Fundraising Institute of New Zealand) 2014 Conference in Auckland, from the 9th to the 11th of April.

Guy Mallabone will present three sessions: the master class Moves Management: An Introduction to Donor Centered Techniques for Major Gift Fundraising, the session Developing Your Personal Fundraising Brand: A Professional Development Primer‚Ä® and the closing Blackbaud Pacific Plenary‚Ä® – The Big Dozen: Top Fundraising Lessons Learned after 34 Years’ Experience.

FINZ 2014 ConferenceHere follows a quote from Guy Mallabone’s interview with FINZ 2014 Conference.

Guy Mallabone is a recognised international expert in fund development and engaged in every aspects of fundraising and integrated fund development practice, including annual fund, major gift and gift planning.

In his interview with FINZ 2014 Conference, he was asked how to get board members to fundraise. He answered: There are two variables in play: (1) the definition of fundraising; and (2) board member’s perception about their role in fundraising. There are no quick solutions here but the key breakthrough comes in first outlining clearly what we mean by “fundraising”.

Regarding how fundraisers can help their colleagues see the value of their work and get greater buy-in from staff he commented: Bring it all back to the mission. You can’t go wrong when you tie funding to the mission […] Showing our programme colleagues the direct connection between philanthropic dollars raised and mission delivered is a powerful way to gather supporters and champions.

Finally Guy Mallabone expressed his opinion about the comparison of the profession today to how it was more than 30 years ago and his idea regarding the evolution for the next decade, drawing from his “Top Fundraising Lessons Learned after 34 years’ experience”. He reported: The profession has matured greatly in the past three decades, and so have the professionals that pursue practicing he body of knowledge. We’ve moved dramatically from transactional-based fundraising to relational-based fundraising. We’ve moved from judging mission delivery success based on “outputs” to success based on “outcomes” We’ve become better champions in the delivery of our causes. Now for the real stuff, you have to attend the plenary session.


Published in the Official publication of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand
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